Build your itinerary

Curate your visit or stay, your way. Simply select the places or activities you like the look of to custom-build your own itinerary.

As you browse the site, click on 'add to itinerary' when items appeal. These are automatically saved to your list, and you can edit, print, and share it.

Use it to plan your visit, make a schedule to share with others, or create a wish list for a special occasion. With contact details listed on your itinerary, it makes booking a breeze

1. Click/tap to add

Wherever you see the ‘+Add to itinerary’ button, you can add these to a wishlist of things you’d like to do on your next visit.

Itinerary step 1

2. Click/tap to expand

Once you’ve started adding items to your wishlist you’ll see them appear in a little popup at the bottom right of your screen.

Itinerary step 2 1

3. View, share & print

Tap ‘view & print’, and from here you can view, print and share your itinerary with your friends.

Itinerary step 3