Royal William Yard | Relax & play

Relax & Play

You can’t help but fall in love with the Yard, but it’s what’s going on that brings the place alive - Yard Life is that rich tapestry! You can get fit, chill out, try water sports, shop for great produce or watch a great film.  All this with the ever changing backdrop of the Sea - it can be fast or slow, it’s all Yard Life.

Health & well being

There's no better way to rejuvenate, re-energise and get inspired than exploring the Yard and what we have to offer.

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Try stand-up paddleboarding

Explore the coastline by renting a paddleboard from Firestone Arches or book in for an guided excursion from day to night.

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Walk the coast path

​Take a stroll along the famous South West Coast Path and descend the stunning steps from Devil's Point into the Yard.

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Swim in the tidal pool

Take a dip in the tidal swimming pool at Firestone Bay, accessible from The Yard, and swim surrounded by spectacular views of Plymouth Sound.

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Charter a sailing boat

Working with Cremyll Keel Boats, Royal William Yard offers you the unique experience of chartering your own classic sailing boat for corporate or private use.

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History tours

Royal William Yard is steeped in history. There is a different story to be told around every corner you turn.

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Culture and Exhibitions

Throughout the year we have cultural performances at Royal William Yard from Invisible Circus’ street entertainers, wall dancers, Barbican Theatres ‘Bard in the Yard’ and Plymouth Art Centre's Open Air Cinema and more.

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Beginners' Crochet Course - MAKE AT 140

Sat 21st Sep

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Ashtanga Yoga

Sun 22nd Sep

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Seco Weekly Quiz

Mon 23rd Sep

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