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Wellbeing series: Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness

Posted on: 06 Feb 2023

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Alex Ryley
Site Editor
Royal William Yard Enhance Aesthetics Wellness 0220 008

Wellbeing is especially important in the winter; it’s a time our bodies and minds take a battering from the dark days and cold weather, so it takes some effort to overcome this. Now is the time to pay particular attention to your skin. The biggest organ in the body, it deserves attention and the right kind of care.

Charlotte, Founder of Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness, is passionate about improving patients’ confidence and wellbeing – helping them get great skin and feel all the better for it. She shares some tips to show your skin some love:

  • Knowing where to start with your skin may feel a daunting prospect; there’s a world of choice and it’s easy to buy products off the shelf in the hope that they live up to the promises on the packaging, but this does nothing to help you understand your skin or tackle problems effectively. A skincare consultation with a professional enables you to learn about your skin, discuss your goals, and form a plan. Think of it as a personal trainer for your skin!
  • Hydration is key with the double threat of cold weather and central heating leaving skin parched and sensitive. Keep your fluid balance up – skin cells are full of water so drink plenty of it (the British Nutrition Foundation recommends drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, approx. 1.2 litres) and hydrate the skin using nourishing treatments. Go easy with foaming or alcohol-infused products that can dry your skin.
  • In the winter, you layer your clothes – and you can do the same with your skincare. This time of year means extreme conditions, going straight from outdoors in the cold into a toasty indoor environment. Use a decent serum to boost moisture like AlumierMD Ultimate Boost Serum that improves hydration and enhances the skin’s natural barrier. You can layer other products – like mist, oil, cream and balm – on top. Just because the winter sun isn’t scorching, don’t forget to use SPF. This is important all year round to protect your skin from skin ageing and damaging UVA rays (think UVA for ageing).
  • Summer skin is created in the winter. It takes time, treatments, and following a skincare routine to achieve results, so now’s the time to put the work in. This is a really good time of year to have treatments that require you to steer clear of sunshine, for instance anything involving lasers or chemical peels. The illumiFacial is a ‘next generation’ treatment that dramatically improves skin tone and appearance. It’s a four stage facial treatment that you can have in the winter months to regenerate the skin and ensure it’s radiant for the summer.
  • A thorough consultation followed by medical-grade skincare and specific treatments bespoke to your needs is the quickest and most efficient way to tackle individual concerns. Come in, tell us your problem and we’ll work with you to treat the issues with a tailored plan – we offer free consultations and never put clients under any pressure. We believe it’s a partnership; our team working with you to get you looking and feeling the best you can.

Enhance Aesthetics & Wellness specialises in a range of health and wellness treatments including natural-looking aesthetics, organic feel-good facials, and deep tissue massages. Specialising in medical grade skincare and cutting-edge treatments, Enhance has a team of skilled skincare experts keen to educate and empower others. Treatments are delivered in a luxurious setting by registered professionals and healthcare experts.

A host of holistic health and wellness businesses are based at RWY. It’s a dramatically different environment to stereotypical sterile clinics, with professional practitioners instead nestled amongst the historic Grade I listed buildings, with calming views across the water and lawn, and part of a special destination where you can relax and recharge at your own pace.