Steel Brew Accident
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Fri 17 May

Murder Mystery Night: The Accident - Steel Brew

Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm Location: Steel Brew Co, Mills Bakery

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Set in the early 1960s, "The Accident" unfolds as a Hollywood film crew invades a tranquil Cornish village for their latest blockbuster.

Unaware of the village's sinister history, the director unwittingly chooses a location where murder lurks in the air. As the ancient village's dark past collides with the vibrant energy of the Swinging Sixties, disastrous consequences ensue.

Soon, the drama off-screen eclipses that on-screen. Amidst the windswept Cornish landscape, can you unravel the mystery and prevent another victim from succumbing to the malevolent forces at play?