Steel Brew Murder
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Fri 08 Mar

Murder Mystery Night - Steel Brew

Time: 7:30pm - 11:00pm Location: Steel Brew Co, Mills Bakery

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Steels Murder Mystery Night - I haven’t a CLUE DO you?


It’s of course based around the board game Cluedo which is celebrating its 75th year!

The year is 1955 and Seven so called strangers are invited to a remote manor house to witness the Last Will and Testament of its former millionaire owner.

There are no family members to inherit the estate, instead each of the seven has a connection with the Lord of the Manor and a possible claim. Little do they know that their dead host knew all of their deepest, darkest secrets revealed throughout the evening by the butler through a series of pre-prepared cryptic rhymes.

It is not long before the seven strangers realise that their lives are intertwined. Who will gain the ultimate reward? Who will be punished? For amongst them is a murderer waiting for his or her opportunity to strike.

The game is afoot.

Can you solve the mystery before it's too late or will you utter those fateful words I haven't a CLUE DO You?