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Wellbeing series: wellness in the water

Posted on: 20 Feb 2023

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Alex Ryley
Site Editor
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Jason Quiterio is a familiar face at Royal William Yard, most often found in the water at Firestone Bay, where he is a professional swimming coach and founder of ACE Swimming.

Sea swimming is an increasingly popular pastime; the physical, mental and emotional health benefits are huge. There’s nothing like a dose of ‘vitamin sea’ to clear your head, boost the immune system, strengthen resilience, create an instant buzz, and give you a deep sense of wellbeing.

Here are Jason’s top five tips for safe sea swimming:

  1. You need some basic knowledge before taking the plunge. Understanding water conditions and your own ability will help you stay safe. Learn what to look out for, the challenges of currents, be aware of your exit points, assess the risks around you, and establishhow long to stay in for.
  2. Respect the water and what it can do to your body. How you deal with cold water is the same as how you deal with stress; slow down your breathing and learn how to recognise and manage cold water shock as well as not pushing yourself too far, too soon.
  3. If you’re not a strong swimmer, stay parallel to the shore, and don’t swim alone – ideally have someone watching you from the shore. A neon tow-float, dry bag and hat mean you can be easily spotted. When you get out, learn techniques to help you warm up safely – a warm drink and cosy hat are essential!
  4. No two swims are ever the same in open water. Whether you’re working on your technique or just floating and watching the sun rise, every minute in the water is different – that means plenty to enjoy and appreciate, but also ensure you’re always aware and alert.
  5. Consider joining a group session and chat to someone with experience who knows the stretch of water you’re going to swim in – it can make all the difference to your safety. At the Yard we see how swimming together strengthens relationships and creates a tightknit community.

ACE Swimming will be running a new Sea Introduction Course this Spring for those looking to start sea swimming, or for swimmers keen to develop their knowledge. The course dates are 1st April, 6th May and 20th May, and will consist of three sessions that cover the benefits of sea swimming, cold water and sea risks, preparation techniques, understanding tides and conditions, and swimming techniques. The course is led by experienced coaches with qualified lifeguard support.

Jason also runs individual and group sea swimming sessions, including Sea Group Swim Sessions, Sea Private 1-1 coaching, and Sea Safety & Swim for Kids. Find out more and book your place at aceswimming.co.uk