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Wellbeing series: Healthy happy heads

Posted on: 17 Apr 2023

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Alex Ryley
Site Editor
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As we progress into this brand-new year, we’re looking at ways to take care of the mind, body and soul. This is the time to see the value in self-care, and embrace small steps that can make a big difference.

Tending to yourself, from head to toe, might seem a daunting place to start... so we’re quite literally starting from the top. Here, we look at how to look after your hair and scalp to ensure healthy and happy hair.

Known as the “skinification” of hair, it’s all about getting healthy hair using hero skincare ingredients and taking care of the oft neglected skin on your scalp. It’s both a big and growing trend, too. According to Pinterest data, searches for scalp massage techniques went up 55% in 2022, clean scalp searches grew by 55%, and dry scalp treatment searches soared by 70%.

YOKE’s co-owner and creative powerhouse, Jo, is trained in Trichology, which is the study and practice of the hair and scalp. She shares her tips on how to sort your scalp and help your hair:

  • Think of your scalp as an extension of your skin; it needs TLC too. Good scalp health is crucial to hair growth and healthy hair. Dirt and debris block the follicles and, as a result, hair struggles to grow. Treat it as you would the skin on your face: exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise and protect it.
  • Once a week, swap your shampoo for a scrub. It detoxes and unblocks pores, as well as getting rid of gradual product build up. It’s especially good for oily scalps or those prone to dandruff.
  • It is a myth that you shouldn’t wash your hair often. The issue isn’t how frequently you wash it, but how often you use heat on it afterwards. Hair should be washed at least a couple of times a week – as keeping it clean and debris free stops blocked follicles that stunt hair growth. Use heat protectant if you dry and style it with a hairdryer and styling tools, this will create a barrier and reduce damage.
  • At this time of year, hair can be especially dry with central heating and more heat styling – you have to be brave to let hair air dry when it’s freezing outside! Give yourself a DIY hair and head massage using your conditioner, including massaging it into your scalp.
  • Visit the salon for a pamper and we can tailor a treatment to address whatever needs your hair and scalp have. Fusio-Dose is Kérastase's in-salon customised treatment, which is personalised to you with products powered by concentrated skincare actives that provide results for up to six weeks. You can also pick up products to take home, like Kerastase’s Cleansing Hair Clay, which gives a deep but gentle cleanse to both your hair and scalp.
  • Layer your products to protect your hair. Use leave-in conditioner and heat protector first and foremost, and add specific styling products as you need them and as appropriate to your hair type.
  • It’s exciting, at the start of the year, to consider what styles you might like to embrace. As our team heads to Paris and London fashion weeks, enters national competitions, and trains with industry leaders, we’re seeing trends emerging such as the move towards more obvious, interesting and bespoke hair colour placement, and cuts with lot of layers and movement.

YOKE The Salon is far from a typical salon. It has created a culture that comes from putting the wellbeing of its clients, team and community at the heart of everything. Heading into its fifth year in business, the salon has gained an outstanding reputation at a regional and national level for being innovative, thoughtful and creative in all that it does. Find out more at yokethesalon.co.uk