Makes for the home

Date: Sat 17th Nov

Time: 10.00 - 14.30

Hosted By: Ocean Studios

Making for your home can be satisfying, personal and gives the maker the opportunity to update and refresh accessories at little cost.

During this 2-day course, at Make at 140, you will make a piped cushion and lampshade in the fabric of your choice. You will also sew a sample lined Roman blind, transferring the skills you will learn from this to projects in the future. Handouts will be given to support you as you transform your home over time.

Your sewing will generally follow this plan; On day one you will discuss the projects and the timings. We will begin by sewing the piped cushion, following a series of demonstrations and taking each step one at a time.

Once completed, we will stop for a 30-minute lunch break. You can purchase something to eat from the gorgeous Column Bakehouse downstairs or feel free to bring a packed lunch and make the most of the beautiful RWY.

In the afternoon, we will start the Roman Blind. By the end of day one, we will be half way through this, again following step by step demonstrations and sewing times.

On day two, we will complete our Roman blinds before stopping for a 30-minute lunch break. In the afternoon, we will be making the lampshades, using our creativity to complete a look for our homes.

What you will learn

For the piped cushion:

  • Covering piping cord
  • Stitching piping to a cushion cover
  • Attaching a zip
  • Completing and finishing off the cushion

For the lampshade:

  • Choosing suitable fabric
  • Following a series of instructions to cover a drum and attach a metal framework

For the Roman blind:

  • Use a set of measurements to prepare a piece of fabric and lining for the blind
  • Attaching Velcro tape
  • Making channels for dowelling rods
  • Completing the blind