Royal William Yard | Giant Squid

Having made a big splash last weekend, we’re giving the Squiggly Wiggly Giant Squid some much-needed TLC before it returns again soon to entertain families and visitors. Leaving his sea creature friends behind, they’ve hidden themselves all around the Yard, waiting to be discovered. Visitors are tasked with the challenge of hunting them down by taking part in the Squid Trail, by simply picking up a free trail passport from any Yard restaurant or retailer. Once the squid’s six friends have been located, adventurers must make a note of the letter each creature is holding and use it to spell out a six-letter word. On completion of the trail and armed with the six-letter word, participants can then make their way to retailers across the Yard to collect a free prize.

Some Yard restaurants are also offering their own additional prizes, including:

  • Wagamama: Free children’s meal for each completed trail passport
  • Wildwood: Free children’s meal for each completed trail passport, with every adult
  • Seco Lounge: Free lolly and sweets for each completed trail passport
  • Prezzo: Free strawberry or raspberry iced fruit lolly for each completed trail passport
  • Bistrot Pierre: Beach ball giveaway with each completed trail passport.

After a long journey from deep beneath the sea, our playful Giant Squid will soon make its home here at the Yard and is bringing some friends. 

The Giant Squid is an interactive and acoustic installation through which people will be able to communicate (speak & hear) with each other.  It will radiate light to offer a surprising element at night.

Cast your net and see if you can capture its six sea creature friends that have escaped the harbour and are playing hide and seek.  

Collect your free trail passport from any cafe and restaurant in the Yard, find all its friends and collect six letters to spell a nautical word and claim your reward.

Have fun explorers!