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About Urban Splash

Urban Splash is a regeneration company set up in 1993 by Jonathan Falkingham (an architect) and Tom Bloxham (an entrepreneur).

Together they wanted to bring back into use the ample stock of wasted empty buildings lying around at that time in Liverpool and Manchester; with an ambition of filling them with the growing band of post-punk kids looking for cool spaces to live in and trade from.

The company started with literally two men in (quite a large) shed. They were later joined by other likeminded individuals and were all bound together by loose associations they came from different disciplines; graduates of history, architecture, planning, interior design, surveying and graduates of nothing but a lifetimes experience of building buildings.

In the beginning there was no big plan, no strategy, no idea of what the company was to become, just a wholehearted belief in cities, in design, in architecture and a desire to make things better. To make things the way we wanted them to be - different than they were before. 

Since then Urban Splash has expanded around the country, undertaking more than 60 regeneration projects as far South as Plymouth and as far North as, well, North Shields. We’ve worked in Morecambe, in Bristol and most places in between.

We’ve invested over a billion pounds in regeneration and created over 5,000 new homes and 2 million sq foot of work space – and thousands of jobs.

The company is now wholly owned by five key directors; Tom, Jonathan, Julian Curnick (an accountant), Simon Gawthorpe (a surveyor) and Nathan Cornish (another Surveyor) and employs around 100 staff. Tom remains the least qualified board member.